First Ever Gender Revel Session

Today, January 16th 2018, I finished my first ever Gender Revel Session. The clients are my sisters life long friend Mandy D and Joe, they were like family. I was so scared on how my vision and creativeness would turn out on this session. Thanks to Pintrest and the world wide web I was able to get a bases for how I wanted to have this revel turn out. While I'm writing my first blog post I've noticed that only in a few short months, my creativeness has improved and so has my photography skills. The best part of this session was it being basically family, this family has known me for years and changed my dipper when I was little so we were able to goof off and have fun without feeling judgement from each other. Through the session we did basic poses, but through our funniness and laughter we did some creative photos that I will later turn into gifs. I am very happy how this went and can't wait to do this family's maturity photos. Now all I have to do is research and get the vision for that now.